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Morgan Children's Fund

Connecting Children in Treasure Valley With Mental Health Support.

About Morgan Children’s Fund

Morgan Children's Fund

About Morgan Children’s Fund

By connecting children with mental health support and community activities, we can make a difference.
Working together we can change the lives of the children in the Treasure Valley.

Our Story

While working in the mental healthcare field, Tami Morgan, LPC and Danyka Morgan realized a need for children’s access to mental healthcare and support in community activities. Many adolescent patients we saw in our office at Morgan Mental Health were unable to afford, or continue therapy due to financial circumstances.

Further, without monetary resources, many of these children were also often missing out on important developmental growth opportunities, such as community sports.  In our experience, existing support systems are often complicated, confusing, and time consuming. Many avenues of support require multiple steps of approval, hindering access to mental health support for children who are suffering now. We wanted to offer direct access to local children in immediate need. Morgan Children’s Fund was established for this purpose.

Our community sponsored fund offers monetary support for children’s counseling sessions, as well as funding for activities in the Treasure Valley. This includes sponsoring children’s sports teams and purchasing needed equipment for children who wouldn’t otherwise be able to participate in these activities.  We can make a difference one child at a time.

We chose a private fund to facilitate our support. This means that while your donation is not tax deductible, we are able to skip the red tape typically associated with foundations and nonprofits and  directly support local children and their immediate needs.

Children who aren’t able to afford mental healthcare, those who want to play soccer but can’t afford cleats — these are the types of situations we are working to change.

We donate the time required to manage the fund, as well as a percentage each month from our family owned business, Morgan Mental Health  and proudly share the difference we are making with our donors in our newsletters, that also detail the allocation of funds.

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Morgan Children’s Fund provides monetary support for children’s counseling sessions, as well as support for community activities. 

Morgan Children’s Fund accepts certain items for immediate use to meet the needs of children located in the Treasure Valley, as well as items for prizes, raffles and giveaways.  We are currently accepting contributions at Morgan Health Centers office located at 1901 North Lakes Place in Meridian, Idaho.
You may also contribute monetarily by clicking the button below.